Auto-Staking & Compounding

Cylum Auto-Stake feature is a straightforward yet a technological achievement, The Buy-Hold-Earn function provides the ultimate in ease of use for $CYM holders.
Buy-Hold-Earn Simply by purchasing and storing $CYM tokens in your wallet, you can earn active rewards in the form of interest payments directly to your wallet. Each minute, the value of your CYM tokens will increase.
By utilizing a compound interest formula, Cylum enables the payment of token distributions of the total amount of $CYM tokens in your wallet every minute. The rewards are distributed to all $CYM holders on each BLOCK.
This means that Cylum holders will earn an annual compound interest rate of 395,677 percent for the First Year without having to withdraw their tokens from their wallet. After the first 12 months, the compound interest rate decreases.