Cylum Longetivity Plan (CLP)

$CYLUM enables its holders to compound their investments and returns widely, as the protocol automatically rewards them with tangible percent daily and a compounding annual percentage yield of 395,677%. When one considers the magnitude of this APY, one may question how such an APY is possible. Cylum generates revenue through a variety of channels:

1. The protocol will utilize Defi 3.0 Multi Chain to exponentially grow the Cypher Wallet at a rate of 50% or more each year in order to better support the Cylum price floor.

In comparison to Titano, which has a static RFV fund that does not generate profit. We will multichain stake using the Cypher fund and the Cylinder fund. The Cypher funds are linked to other EVM-compatible blockchains - such as Avalanche, Fantom, Solana, Metis, and Polygon - in order to farm at the highest APY farms and reinvest the profits in the Cypher funds. Cylum is constantly on the lookout for yield-generating opportunities across a variety of procedures and chains. Not only will the funds remain at BSC, but they will also be bridged to Fantom, Avalanche, Ethereum, or any other developing blockchains with high profit yield farms and significant APYs, enabling Cylum to generate 50% more returns per year or more to further support the Cylum price floor. That is why we are convinced that we can assist initiatives with a greater APY than others while remaining financially viable.

2. Liquidity Owned by the Protocol

Utilizing protocol-owned liquidity (POL) in conjunction with the Cylum underlying mechanics is a critical distinction that enables Cylum to generate an additional revenue stream (Pancakeswap pays 0.25 percent of each transaction to the liquidity provider), allowing it to provide additional added value and APY to its token holders.

3. Purchase fees of 10% and sale fees of 10%

The protocol retains a percentage of trading costs (buying and selling) and uses them to bolster the protocol's sustainability and liquidity.

4. Additional revenue sources

The protocol will have a lottery system, and further mechanisms will be added as Cylum grows and matures. However, the aforementioned are the primary revenue-generating strategies upon which Cylum has relied since its beginning. This is the grandiose beginning of Cylum, and we are ecstatic about what lies ahead. We will provide additional details regarding forthcoming initiatives, features, and collaborations in the following days.