Farming is currently the most major growth engine in the DeFi industry, contributing to the sector's expansion from a market capitalization of $500 million to $10 billion in just one year.
Cylum Finance has made the decision to implement a new protocol on its DAPP section called "SPEEDFARM". With this protocol, investors can receive greater benefits when they manually farm/stake with tokens obtained from our IMO.
Your tokens never leaves your wallet. Farming happens in your wallet, you just have to harvest your rewards manually

Instructions on how to use SpeedFarm!

  • Connect your wallet and Enable the speed farming by pressing the 'enable speed farming' button
  • Harvest your rewards every 5 minutes by pressing the 'harvest accumulated rewards' button. the harvested tokens will be sent to your wallet instantly.
  • Minimum IMO purchased $CYM to hold to be eligible for speed farming: 10,000 $CYM (0.21BNB) BUY $CYM IMO HERE
  • Current FIXED APR: 995.328% (2.7648% EVERY DAY)
  • Can Claim Reward every 5 minutes. (just buy some tokens from IMO, enable farming then harvest your reward every 5 minutes)
  • The rewards are accumulated per second via EPOCH timestamp. so even if you forget and don't harvest every 5 minutes, whenever you harvest, all previously accumulated rewards will be sent.
  • Rewards harvested from Speed-Farming are locked and will be unlocked after the Mainnet-Sale.