We believe in team work, because team work make dreams work.

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) & Founder

Jaime Greene

In addition to his non-insurance senior management positions, he has extensive experience as a results-driven financial services CEO, with a particular emphasis on building insurance businesses in developing markets where he has successfully built companies with current valuations in excess of $700 million. Strategy, insurance, general management, fintech, sales distribution, general insurance, life and pensions, and firm start-ups are some of his areas of expertise.

COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Man Kumar

He has a strong interest in all things digital, with a particular focus on how we communicate, learn, and consume messages in the digital era, particularly through the use of social media and online marketing. An effective marketing effort, he says, is impossible to achieve without the use of social media. Platforms, features, and fashions are constantly changing, which keeps the world fascinating. I am constantly on the lookout for new case studies and brand examples from which to draw inspiration.

CFO (Chief financial officer)

Rochelle Wilson

An Experienced Chief Financial Officer with a track record of developing cross-functional collaborations that produce outstanding results. Agile, global strategic leader responsible for driving operations in the marketing, sales, analytics, and business development sectors of the company's operations. Responsible for managing multi-million dollar budgets and allocating resources in order to achieve or surpass profit and sales targets. In particular, she is skilled in streamlining, reorganizing, and motivating huge, global teams to achieve maximum productivity.

Lead Developer

Roger Moore

An extremely efficient and dependable specialist with expertise in Ethereum Smart Contracts, DeFi and linking UI to the blockchain. In any project, his expertise as a highly-skilled full-stack developer with considerable experience in web and mobile app development will be quite beneficial. He has worked on a diverse range of web/mobile/game/blockchain projects (ranging from small to large scale) and has gained valuable experience in team collaboration, maintaining a positive attitude throughout the development process, project management, meeting deadlines, and risk management, among other things.

Marketing Manager

Jennifer Rodgers

In November 2018, she received her MSc in Global Finance from the Middlesex University in London, England. Her project dissertation, which is quantitative study, is on the relationship between working capital management and profitability (based on FTSE 100 firms). One who is self-driven and transformational in their approach to technology, with a particular interest in machine learning, who sets ambitious goals and leads by example. a demonstrated capacity to recruit and retain high-caliber employees, and the ability to function effectively at the CxO level, placing technology at the center of corporate strategy.
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