What distinguishes Cylum from other defi 3.0 projects

Cylum's Competitive Advantages

We are adamant that those who invest the most time and resources in the Defi area will ultimately succeed. As part of the Defi 3.0 protocol, CYLUM has innovated Libero and Titano to build a sustainable automated staking, compounding and burn protocol.

Competitive Advantages Of Cylum Finance
Other Defi 3.0 projects such as Libero and Titano provide a big profit when the market is healthy and a low profit or loss when the market is unhealthy. CYLUM Auto Stakes and Auto compounds exclusively stable coins (BUSD, USDT, DAI...) on many blockchains: we want to constantly expand the collective funds to progressively support higher price floors.
Unlike other FaaS initiatives, which store their money in native chain tokens like BNB/ETH/FTM, the funds is held in BUSD, ensuring that it can only appreciate in value and is unaffected by adverse market conditions.

Detailed comparisons between Cylum Finance and Other Defi 3.0 Projects:

  1. 1.
    Higher APY: CYLUM presents 395,677% Fixed APY Compared to LIBERO 158,893.59% fixed APY and TITANO 102,483.58% fixed APY.
  2. 2.
    Automatic Compounding Rewards: Cylum's cypher funds will increase exponentially per year by bridging multi-chain staking and Auto Compounding Protocol. That's why we are confident that we can support more than X2 higher APY than LIBERO while still be sustainable.
  3. 3.
    Rug-proof: CYLUM has no minting code in the contract. Unlike Titano, Cylum dev is unable to rug by minting billions of tokens for them self even if they want to.
  4. 4.
    Fully decentralized, Auto-Compounding Rewards without a need of an external wallet: Unlike Libero which uses a centralized wallet to call rebase function from outside the contract every 30 minutes, which will bring in a disaster if that wallet is not working as intended, like loosing key, power/internet outage, software/hardware issues, etc and Unlike Titano which have no Auto Compounding reward at all. The auto-compounding reward of CYLUM is coded natively in the CYLUM contract which no need for external rebase call so it cannot be hacked and will not affected by centralized problems.
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    Liquidity per circulating supply ratio is higher and better protects everyone when whale dump: High APY project like TITANO or LIBERO need a very big liquidity to sustain the rewards, so if anyone with a big reward want to cash out it will not impact the price. The higher the ration between Liquidity/Circulating supply the better the price protection when someone dump their holdings. CYLUM is proud to say that our liquidity/Circulating supply ratio is 2.5 times higher than LIBERO which mean the protection for everyone when a whale dump and reduce the price is 2.5x better.
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    Automatic Burn: At initial launch, 2% of the total circulating supply will be burned. This percentage will evolve over the days based on our Automatic Hyper Burn algorithm. The burn calculation will be updated daily according to the number of holders and the tokens held by each.